Why BR Networks...

We understand the fundamental reason and we offer customized I.T. solutions ranging from one-time Infrastructure setup to end-to-end I.T. support that will fit within the budget and we provide the team of certified and experienced engineers ready to provide the highest and best quality technical service at your request.

servicesWe will work with you to put together a comprehensive service package comprised of one or more of our computer and network consulting service offerings. We can prove to be yours one stop shop for all service solutions!

We know how technology blends into business.
Our goal is to help you make optimal technology decisions for both existing infrastructures and new start ups. As a local company we know the area and the local economic climate. Because of our proactive support approach, we are able to keep our prices well under the traditional hourly rate charged by most break/fix computer companies.

While we encourage businesses to let us manage their networks from the ground up,
we are also available for individual projects such as:


Changing the location of your business is always critical and moving all your computers and servers can turn difficult into disasterous. BR Networks is available to help plan and carry out the migration of your technology from one location to the next with the minimum amount of downtime.


Moving a Datacenter is not only critical but very time sensitive, at BRN we help companies plan and carry out the migration process seamlessly with minimum to no downtime
We help companies move and setup their Servers and all Network equipment efficiently.


Data Network Cabling is critical component to the growth and maintenance of any organization, a poorly installed network cabling system can lead to vast variety of network problems including data and voice application to shut down and create big inconvenience and increase overhead for your IT department.
At BRN, we set up new data network cabling systems and update existing networks as per the industry standards for small to enterprise-sized businesses, call centres, data centres, and warehouses


Systems up-time is very crucial for any organization, failing to maintain system availability is critical to revenue. At BRN we help you to ensure your systems are always running at their best.


Whether you are buying a new computer or hardware, or are trying to upgrade to the latest version of Critical Applications, BR Networks can help you seamlessly upgrade to newer software and hardware. Feel free to contact us with questions or request an on-site evaluation of your existing infrastructure for free of cost.