Hardware Support

Hardware Support

Are you frustrated with ongoing computer hardware problems that constantly interrupt your business and you can’t seem to get them fixed quickly once and for all?

It doesn’t have to be that way…business-it-support

We help customers who are worried about:

  • Their networks suddenly going down, stopping business in its tracks
  • Servers and workstations slowing down over time, bringing work to a crawl
  • PCs and servers breaking down altogether, requiring expensive fixes

We do this by monitoring and maintaining your hardware 24/7 and immediately fixing small issues as they occur before they turn into big problems.

Prevention is the key to lowering costs

Waiting for computers to break down first before calling for help is expensive, time consuming, and causes unnecessary business interruptions, like extensive network downtime.

Simply, if your computer network is down, your business comes to a screeching halt!

As a business owner, you have enough to worry about without stressing over server downtime and workstation issues that prevent you from serving your customers.

BRN prevents many issues and excessive downtime because we take a proactive approach to managing your computers — keeping them up and running smoothly through ongoing maintenance and rapid response to issues, often before you or your employees even know that a problem has occurred.

BRN can:

  • Help you save money by managing your computer systems more cost-effectively
  • Keep servers and workstations running smoothly through regular monthly maintenance, reducing downtime
  • Provide fast, convenient daily support through our Help Desk
  • Take care of non-emergency issues during off hours, minimizing business interruptions during your work day
  • Give you access to experienced, specialized knowledge to guide you when making important technology decisions for your business